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About the Artist

Amber Kerrigan Is an Artist and Designer based in Richmond, Virginia, who specializes in surface designs for the home and apparel market.

While studying Fashion Design in Richmond, Virginia, I discovered surface pattern design and was intrigued by they way patterns could transform even the most basic of things.  After graduating, I rekindled my love of fine art and I began painting abstractly, that's when I realized I could combine my love of art making with my passion for good design. And so my journey as a surface pattern designer began and continues to grow everyday!

I'm a freelance designer who loves working with other creative and innovative clients to provide unique, fun, and on-trend surface designs for your varying products. Heavily influenced by my love of art and nature my surface design style is versatile and can easily meet your needs. From abstract and artistic, to streamlined geometrics or cute florals, I can create something for your brand for almost any occasion!

With my experience in  both art and design I understand the challenges companies face when looking for or creating new and interesting art each season. I apply this knowledge to provide design support for you and your brand, giving you quick turn-around times, consistent communication and most importantly beautiful artwork that will reflect your brand and be relevant for today's marketplace.

I also offer licensing of the current prints in my portfolio for an even faster turn-around time to receiving your new, beautiful designs.


To discuss licensing opportunities or to work together on your next project email me at

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Check out my abstract paintings and prints for sale on my art website HERE!

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